Signature Editing Service - Keeping Time

     Capturing beautiful images is just the first step in the creative process.  Once your session has ended all your photographs are closely reviewed and analyzed.  Some people ask why they don't receive every photograph I take?  The answer is simple, do you want a picture where you're blinking, or making a goofy face?   This is why only the best photographs are selected to undergo my 21-step Signature Editing Service.  

     My editing process begins with color adjustment and cropping.  From there every aspect of the photograph is evaluated to make each photograph as beautiful as possible.  My philosophy is every picture tells a story, and is also part of a much large theme.  Much like a writer hones and crafts each sentence, my photographs are fine tuned individually to make your  entire session fit together seamlessly.  

     Most photographers simply use a few selected preset filters for their pictures, much like the simple programs on our camera phones and Facebook.  But for me, that's not what art is about.  It's about creating my vision, and crafting amazing photographs that truly capture the spirit of the moment.  This process is neither fast nor simple, but nothing of value is produced quickly.  By paying attention to these simple details and have created a unique style of my own, and it's seen in every picture I deliver.  

     Every session I photograph receives my Signature Editing Service, from the 30-minute family session to a 10-hour wedding.  For clients that want a little more, I also off the Signature Editing Service PLUS package.  As shown below, this additional step enchants the photographs further by applying my custom designed retouching and editing brushes.  With this additional step skin becomes smoother, colors become more alive and the photograph jump off the page.  When printed on our special Metallic Paper, you will have a photograph to cherish for a lifetime.  

Here is the original photograph to demonstrate the process.  

This image is straight out of the camera.  It captures the joy and happiness of childhood, and is technically a good photograph.  

Signature Editing Service

Now this is a beautiful picture.  

You can tell how the colors have come alive and the photograph tells a story.  The sunlight actually jumps off the screen, and it looks even better printed. The light is warmer and you fell like you were actually there.  

Signature Editing Service PLUS

Now this is a photograph to frame ... and I did because it's my son.

When you compare this image to the one above, you can see more of the details.  His face has more depth, hair is a little sharper.  The details on his sleeve are more lifelike, the sunlight hitting his pants is more defined, the bark on the tree is more vivid.  All of these are such minor details, and to the untrained eye you would never notice.  But once you appreciate all these little pieces you can see how it brings the entire photograph to life and gives it that little extra touch.  

I've spend years developing custom editing techniques for even the most minute detail - hair, shadows, grass, cloud - and you can see how this process made something my family will cherish for a lifetime.  

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